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PostSubject: FTP   February 26th 2008, 7:16 am

Purplenova WebServer versions allows you to designate a folder on your PC as an FTP folder, and you can FTP files both ways. That means, you can copy files from this FTP directory from a remote location, or insert files into this FTP directory from a remote location.

1) Your PC needs to be connected to the internet, and running Purplenova
2) You need to have an FTP agent (any FTP software will do) on your remote machine / mobile.

1) Start Purplenova, and from the Settings Dialog, FTP Tab, check the box marked Enable FTP. Set the FTP Home Directory, and an FTP Password (SHOULD BE DIFFERENT FROM YOUR PURPLENOVA PASSWORD).
2) Set FTP Permissions using the check boxes.
3) Using any FTP Agent, FTP to <username>.purplenova.net and then enter your username & FTP password.
4) You can now transfer data from your PC with FTP.

Note that the FTP capability is available only in the paid versions of the software.

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