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 Billboard Widget

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PostSubject: Billboard Widget   Billboard Widget EmptyFebruary 26th 2008, 7:34 am

Purplenova creates a Widget (called "Billboard") that can be embedded into Web 2.0 sites - social networking sites, portals and forums, and which can be used to display the content identified by the Purplenova Software.

Purplenova ("Funcaster") sits on your PC, and is used to identify the files to publish.
Billboard Widget is embedded on Web 2.0 sites, and displays the published content.

Why Billboards:
1) For secure / private sharing of content that you do not want to upload anywhere.
2) For content that is to be shared for a limited amount of time
3) For content that needs to be displayed on multiple sites instantly.

How it works:
1) Download and install Purplenova on your Computer.
2) When you publish your first file, your Billboard widget appears, along with instructions for embedding the widget into popular sites.
3) You embed your Billboard widget only once - all subsequently shared content is displayed in the same widget.

Privacy feature:
You can set an access key that is required to view the content that is designated as 'Private" from within Purplenova. Viewers will need this access key to view the private content. You can set this access key any number of times you like.

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Billboard Widget
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