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 User Guide for Hosting the JAlbum through Purplenova 3.0

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User Guide for Hosting the JAlbum through Purplenova 3.0 Empty
PostSubject: User Guide for Hosting the JAlbum through Purplenova 3.0   User Guide for Hosting the JAlbum through Purplenova 3.0 EmptyApril 26th 2007, 12:09 am

Hi Everyone,

Here is how one can self-host JAlbum albums through Purplenova...

At a Glance

•Create a JAlbum and save it on the hard disk in an Album Directory with an index page.
•In Purplenova, Host the Album Directory with a drag-n-drop on the Files and Folders tab.
•Your friends will use the Purplenova-generated URL of your index page to access your Album from your computer over the internet retaining full JAlbum capability.

Detailed Steps

1.Creating JAlbum
Keep all the Pictures and Images to be included in the album in a single directory. You can create the new album by selecting ‘New Album Project’, by giving the album name and album location, with the choice of various skins and styles; the album gets created at the Album location path on your computer hard disk. This path can also be alternatively specified at the image directory in the settings tab.

2.Using Purplenova
To host the album through Purplenova, launch Purplenova and keep the active tab as ‘Files and Folders’.

a.Host New Select the ‘Host New’ button, and set the select hosting option to ‘Host Folder’ radio button, give the name of the directory which contains your album; you can also drag and drop the directory in the main Purplenova window.

b.Access Rights
Select appropriate access rights either Private or Public access. Albums intended for private viewing should be hosted as ‘Private’, and will be delivered over SSL.
Now the directory will automatically show up in a tree structure format under ‘My Shared Files’ in the main Purplenova Window. Browse through this directory tree to locate index.html, and right-click to copy the URL that has been created for it.

3.To Access your Album
The URL to the index page can be used to access your album through a normal browser. Your album resides on your computer, and the pictures are streamed directly from your computer to the viewer when the viewer navigates through the album. You can unhost your album at any time.

The product is available for download at our website www.purplenova.com

Admin. lol!
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User Guide for Hosting the JAlbum through Purplenova 3.0
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