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 Can Local Web Server Open Local Browser

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PostSubject: Can Local Web Server Open Local Browser   May 29th 2007, 6:54 pm

Hi, I'm new to Purplenova and find it pretty interesting. It may solve a problem for which I'm seeking a solution.

I want to receive alerts on my local computer generated from a remote web site. Is it possible to pop open a local browser window as the result of a post to the local web server?

Let me clarify:

1) Visitor at public (remote) web site selects help button.
2) Web app at remote web site posts data to local web server.
3) Upon receipt of post from remote web site, the local web server pops a page on local browser.

Anyone know if this is doable?


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PostSubject: Re: Can Local Web Server Open Local Browser   May 30th 2007, 8:47 am

Hi Vocom:

Yes, this is doable in two ways:

1) On the button in the remote web-site (not hosted via Purplenova), invoke a URL on your localhost (hosted via Purplenova), with optional GET / POST parameters that you want to communicate. On your localhost, the URL should point to a web-service that takes whatever action you want it to take on the localhost.

2) Host a windows application on your local machine via Pueplenova (see tab 3, and do look at the HELP to see exactly how this is to be done). The application (will be an exe) when hosted via Purplenova gets designated a URL by Purplenova. Invoke this URL (with optional GET arguments) from the button on the remote web-site. When the button is clicked, the URL executes the application on your local machine. Again, please look at the HELP to see how the arguments are passed to this application.

Hope this helps.

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Can Local Web Server Open Local Browser
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